Wednesday, June 18, 2008

MAS Customer Service sucks

Yesterday, I emailed MAS regarding on their online ticket. They replied saying will respond in 24 hours. After emailing them, i keep refreshing my inbox to see any mail coming in. I was waiting their reply before deciding to buy their ticket or not. Ater waiting for 4 hours, I reckon calling them will be faster. I tried THREE times. Everytime there's this annoying lady's voice saying the staff is engaged, please hold on to the call. @(&#^@^#. For the first time, i actually waited!Hung on to the call, listened to the lady's voice for 2 more times before I hang up. After all this calls, I lost around rm5 credit from my HP, and NO answers. SIEN.

Till now, after MORE than 24 hours, still no email from them. *shake head in disgust*

But then...

Tomorrow I will be flying off to KK. Will be there for 5D4N. Happy! cos don't need to work. 'x'



VampireM said...

yeah, their service sux big time.
they only serve international flights/customers well.

Selba said...

MAS is that bad?

So, how's your trip to KK? A lot of fun? Tell.. tell.. tell the story :)