Monday, July 07, 2008


I notice that Airasia soon will fly KL- Guilin.

Since I don't really notice alot blog entries on Guilin, I shall blog about it now.

This year March, Oink and I went flew from Kuching to Jhr, then Jhr we flew to Macau, we then took bus to Guangzhou, spent 2D1N there, then we flew to Guilin (didn't want to take bus cos its takes whole night!) and spent 4D3N there, then we flew to Shenzhen, then spent 3D2N at Shenzhen, then we cross over to Hong Kong, and spent 5D4N there, then we went to Macau and spend 3D2N there. *breathe in hard*

We explored the other areas by ourself, but when at Guilin, we acquired Tour Service.

Thinking it might be a kampung kampung place, transportation very hard to find one.

Our flight to Guilin was really early, 7 ++ am I tink?so we woke up at 5am! So sleepy! Took a taxi to Baiyun Airport. The airport quite big! got buggy send you to the departure entrance...for a FEE...

oh thing I discover about China is, even u paid the entrance fee, some services inside may require you to pay again!Still Hong Kong better! Everything included in the ticket.

Once landed, we were brought over to a nice cafe for lunch. Imagine, 4 person (us + the driver & guide), needs over RM100 for lunch!wat a rip off!

I saw these outside the restaurant. No...these are not pets! They are meant to be served on your dinner table! And they kill them just by the street! Its true, while i was passing by, a waitress was banging a cleaver on a fish's head...URGGGHHH, I quickly turned my head away and walk away fast fast..

Then, we were brought to our hotel. Its a hotel by the river. In mandarin its called "An Hua Jiu Dian", when i search the net for the review, its called "Anwar Hotel"...ROFL!!

Remember me saying I thought it will be kampung kampung? I am sooo wrong!taxisssss are everywhere! Obviously we don't look like locals lo, cos the taxi drivers keep hon-ing us.

We were curious and start exploring the shops nearby, and we notice there's a lot of ppl at a certain shop. Its a shop selling "pao" (chinese bun). So we went over immediately to check it out.

This cute baby looked so curiously at me, so I took his photo while his/ her mama queue up for the bun, while I'm waiting for my Oink also.

Yummy! Fresh from the soft n fragrant...and its cheap!

We went to a cruise at the famous Li River. It was raining the night before. So the water is murky.

And its very windy...and c-c-cc-coldddddd!

Guilin is famous for the 2 rivers and 4 lakes. I forgot what they are called.. only remembered Li River 'x'

So the next morning, we went to this park, at the lake.

I think this is a common scene in China, veterans doing folk dances, tai chi..etc.. I even saw a crowd singing at the park 'x'

And this is how the water in Guilin looks like...

so beautiful...emerald- coloured waters..

As we walk along, we saw these 2 pagodas, one is named silver pagoda, the other gold.

to be up Guilin-Yangshuo


VampireM said...

wah your trip so so long, and enjoyable.
you took time off from work?

13th Panda said...

vampirem : yup! 10 total days of Annual Leaves 'x'