Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Got anything to shop at Brunei?

Drop the idea if you ever plan to go for a shopping spree in Brunei.There-is-not-much-to-buy. Don't say I don't warn ya. Good also la, in a way, i save $ also.

But I did manage to get a pair of shoe, they are having sales at Charles & Keith. I tried these on, and instantly fell in love with it.


We exchanged only 100 Brunei $. And most of them, we spent on these...*drool*

Even though, there's nothing much to buy. But I have to admit, Brunei has really nice variety of cocoa ohmygoodness. YES! CHOCOLATES! mi armor!

Erm, the bottle of liquor and wine, we bought them at Miri's duty free though.HEHE. I prefer a bit of sweetness in my alcohol.

Next up is what best to do in Brunei!Stay tuned!


zeroimpact said...

That is haven!!!
Chocolates is the best!!!

fel said...

Nice Heel panda! i have been long time never wear

why u always on

13th Panda said...

zeroimpact: YEAH!*high five*

fel: Thanks for the more and see places ma