Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Last night, I terkenang my made me so sad

He died on 22 feb mimic..I didn't even have a photo of him..but his face is imprinted in my mind, he lives in my memory..

And I remembered that I once told myself, I should help the needy animals one day. And that one day never happens...there's always something on, things to do..bla bla bla

So last night, I went to check out SSPCA website.

I saw the cruelty cases, it wrenched my heart..

So I told Oink, I want to help! I must help this time!

So today, i started my mission, by emailing 2 animal lovers that I know and messaging up a few frens.

And surprise surprise..what started small, began to grow!

San & Diana - Diana replied she will chip in..San also, she will also accompany me to shop, and she suggest we start a blog on animals..on how to help them. What a great idea! San also help me asked a few others ..and manage to get Pauline, Pauline wants to donate dog food and she is going to buy them late during lunch!

Jackie responded to my message, and manage to ask a few of our colleagues, and she manage to collect RM55 from her side..and she also manage to get a discount card from a friend of her's, Audrey, we can buy supplies at 5% discount at Animal Kingdom!

OH! I am so touched and happy! Overwhelmed is what I can say. Feel like crying! So many good people out there...I am so happy!! to think that my email started around 8++ this morning, and by 12pm the kind act has spread to so many people!!Thank god!! God bless all these people..really feel like crying now.

I will go shopping with San next Saturday on items that cannot be found in pet shop, such as towels and rice. San and I will also be collecting newspapers and boxes from people who are willing to contribute.

And on next Saturday, I will go shop with Jackie and Audrey in Animal Kingdom!

If you are interested in contributing, pls contact me. The amount doesn't matter. We accept any amount/ stuff (refer here for the wish list).

We will send over the donations on 27th July 2008, Sunday to SSPCA. Time till be confirmed later. Tentative time will be around 10.30 am. We welcome anybody to join us that day! They are open for visits from 10.30 to 3.30pm on Sundays.

Pls help the animals!


VampireM said...

very active in blogging nowadays eh, nice :D

i have a TV/VCR combo I can donate, but it's in Penang lar :(

any income tax exemption receipts if donations are made in cash form?

13th Panda said...

vampirem: need to rajin blog sikit..and today so chun wanna write about this charity drive..hmm, i don't think they need a TV/VCR combo..and I don't think they got the receipts many people wor..all different amount, how to issue, but i know mercycorps got receipt..maybe you can donate there

13th Panda said...

vampirem! the wish list got TV/VCR combo! Jackie pinpoint it to eyes...*.*

13th Panda said...
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Selba said...

No pic of Mimic?

I love cats! Yesterday, saw this cute japanese cat:

I can not tahan with cruelty on animals, those cruel human must be punished exactly what they had done to those poor animals.