Monday, July 14, 2008

Love it, Love it not?

Remember Mango's pet bed?

She likes to chew & nibble at that particular place...when she feels like it, she will flung the whole bed with her whole might..

When she's lazy & a bit sleepy, she will chew like this..looks very enjoy while doing so...tsk tsk tsk..

When she's sleepy and wants some sleep..she will climb in and snuggle up.Make herself comfortable.

Tsk tsk tsk..banyaknya pattern..

I just have to put up this photo..she's so cute. She just had her bath in this photo.


Redsponge said...

how come she looks small in the last pic?

13th Panda said...

cos its the take photo frm above effect, u see itu taiwan girls, all like to take photo frm above, the eyes appear bigger, face smaller..but then, my mango not so fat oso maa 'x'

Selba said...

Aiiiii.... mango so adorable!!!

2 nights ago, I took Adele's pics while she was sleeping. Maybe I'll also put up her pic later :D

13th Panda said...

selba: YES PLS! I wanna see cute Adele!

Selba said...

Already posted about Adele in my blog :)

A dedication for you and Mango! hehehe...