Saturday, July 26, 2008

This post will make you hungry

yup, i think the highlight of my Brunei trip..

Is to eat.

Not at any places. Don't ever try eating Laksa here. Don't say I didn't warn you.

First, eat at here!

Empire hotel (SIX STARS******)@ Bandar Seri Begawan Kuching also don't have 6 stars hotel.

We had the lunch buffet..and boy the buffet spread was magnificent!

ala Japanese

Salad bar, and they had raspberry dressing instead of the usual mayo & thousand island!

beef, yummmm...

PASTA! any ingredients, and sauce, and i picked cream sauce..yummy!

desserts...oohh la gold on the frosting somemore!memang 6 stars quality!

seafood corner..there's actually fresh oysters serving nearby. Oink's favourite. He ate 8 of them. I don't know why my photo is not here. hmmm...but now its late and I am sleepy..I will upload the photo if I remember..:-p

These are some of the photos I took, until I cannot bear the hunger..AHAHAHA.. Almost drooled!

There's another place where you should try.

Excapade. The one we went is at Kuala Belait, but I heard Bandar also got.

These are some photos of the many japanese food we had. The maki oh so nice lo. Its so big, I squeeze the whole maki into my mouth during my first attempt. Bad move, I can't even chew. 'x' So the next maki, I took delicate bites, like a lady should.'x'


Katherine-Lee said...

Ooooh, they look really yummy. You're evil!

or2ng3s said...

escapades!!! n 6 star food!! so tempting!

13th Panda said...

Katherine: eat eat!!

Oren: next time u go Brunei, can try liao