Monday, July 28, 2008

SSPCA ( Sarawak Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)

San, Malcom, Jackie, Jee, Oink and I went on Sunday (27th July).
We were welcomed by Mr. & Mrs. Lim.

San came whispered to me, saying, "EH, cannot take photo."

Mr Lim then explained why they put up notices saying no photos allowed. He told us, there's an incident where a robber came chasing after them, even into the premise, wanting to rob them! And there are also cases where reporters came in, and took photos, and writing articles saying they didn't treat the animals well enough.

Well, I am a good mannered person. So of course I asked Mr Lim before I took any photos of the animal.

I saw puppies, dogs, cats, kitties..lots of them. But a few caught my attention.

I notice this tabby cat, and approached it, but when I got nearer, it started to hiss at me, LOUDLY!

I asked Mrs Lim about it. She said it was abused before. Poor cat!

And this one, looked at me curiously, didn't purr/ meow/ hiss.

And it looked at us, with its one eye. The other eye, was gouged out by it's abuser.

poor was quiet, looking at us.

Yes, there's a maternity unit at the center. Which I think is very good, its protects the expecting animals/ litters/ puppies from threats/ harm from the others.

I was told by Mr. Lim, the animals are fed with chicken heads and rice. Chicken head! Can you imagine yourself eating chicken head?? They say its the cheapest and what they could afford, as there are soo many animals in the center.

Some people even made holes on the fence/ gate, and then push in unwanted litter/ puppies into the premise.

Mrs Lim also relate to me a story. Its sad to say that it involves chinese. There's these few chinese, they came in, looking at the puppies, and set eyes on the black one. They thought Mrs Lim don't understand their dialect. HA! but they were wrong! And as it turned out, Mrs Lim heard they are planning to eat the black puppy! She said some even came asking for the black puppies' blood! EWWW..that's why she is reluctant to give away the black puppies for adoption.

There's a section of the premise for dogs caught by the councils. I was not allowed to take any photo of it. So I am just going to tell you the story here. If they are sick/ nobody came to claim them, they will be put to sleep within 48 hours! So pitiful they are afraid that the sick ones will infect the other animals. They had no choice.


Oink with Mr and Mrs Lim. Oink is our representative. :-p

We manage to collect RM350. Not bad eh?

San and me, has previously spent about RM160 of it on 50kgs of rice and 9 pieces of towels.

We also sorted some newspapers at San's house. Mr Lim told us that they used 5-8kgs of newspapers each day. So guys, if you have any unwanted newspapers at home, instead of selling them for a dollar or less, why not bring it over to SSPCA?

Then the rest we bought 15kgs of dry cat food, 10kgs of dry dog food, a big bottle of dog shampoo at Amazing Pets. Jaqq later topped up rm20 more and Audrey topped up the remaining outstanding balance from the bill. So in total, we actually collected about
RM389..not bad eh?

Jaqq's friends also donated some canned food, shampoo and dry food.

Jaqq also manage to get these boxes for the animals.

Mr Lim told me, if people donate cash. They do give out receipt. *hint* can get some tax exemption!

Anyway, here's a story about a cat. It touched me, so I am sharing with you all. And I hope it touches you too.

Animals have life too. They also want love and care.


VampireM said...

waahhh... the one-eye cat so kesian... geli the photo.

When r u going again to make donation? :P

or2ng3s said...

ya, the one eye cat is indeed hen kelian ah.... & i can't imagine how can people be so cruel to eat cat's meat & suck dog's blood?

Redsponge said...

Well done!

I hope you keep this activity going on! :)

Donate to other association too! ;p

You are like an angel! :)

Katherine-Lee said...

OMG! How could anyone do such a thing? Those poor cats. That is just plain cruel!

I personally don't like cats (because I fear them), and I usually steer clear of them.

13th Panda said...

vampirem: hmm, I don't know when will I make the next donation. But i will inform you.HEe

Oren: Me too!

Redsponge: HEE, you say like that , I paiseh..

Katherine: Come cats are ok. Some not. but they can be adorable if they trust you.