Saturday, July 12, 2008

Guilin - Yangshuo : A Haven of Peach Blossom

This is the nearest name I can find to describe this place.

If you can understand this...

Hope you get the idea. Like the name..the place is beautiful


and more..

And you thought u've seen alot mountains here over at borneo..look at the amount of hills they've got there..I lost my count..


We were told that there are several chinese ethnic still living here. And indeed I see houses, and even tombs as we cruise along the lake/ river (hee..not sure what it is).

We soon pass a narrow path.

And behold..another beautiful scene when we came out.

After a while, we alighted from the boat, and started doing some walking.

People playing cultural music.

* continued walking *

* continued looking *

* took photos *

We hear a song! If you know Liu San Jie, its her song..someone singing her song..

hmmmm..what is Oink doing there?@@

come.. I give u some hint..

Ok, its like this..its a old tradition where a girl will throw one of these "ball" at the people waiting down..actually meant for men only whoever that manage to grab the ball, gets to marry the girl.

-.-" Oink showing off his "ball", NO! NOT THE BALL...the flower ball duh..

but he later told me " too bad the girl not pretty"


I like this place..its so pretty, so serene..

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