Thursday, September 01, 2005

Black out at the movies

Merdeka was suppose to be a holiday..but after having breakfast, i went to work. Got some coding to finish. From 9am I worked until 12.30. Then was thinking of watching a movie at nite...relax2 a while. So went to buy tickets lo. After that, i had lunch, then go back office work. The movie is starting at 7.15. I was working until 6++pm, then realising i might not have enuf time, i quickly drive home 2 get ready. Not even have time to eat dinner.

So when we arrived at the movies. They don't have electricity running. So we waited. Our movie was suppose to be starting at 7.15. We waited until arnd 7.40, and the electricity came back. So we moved to our seats..thinking that we will be able to enjoy our movie...the movie was fine until 15 mins later there is yet another black out. Siennnn...ok lo..we waited again....electricity is back again...then a few mins later its gone again..then its back again..then its gone again..ggrr..that's it..we went to refund....sud have better use for the ticket money....

by the time we reached the counterm there were already ppl waiting for their refunds as well. So we waited there in the dark....without any aircon, without proper air ventilation and soon different combination of ppl's perfume is making me dizzy *yucks*

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