Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Whats the 4 most important elements for this day?

(1) Full Moon
ok la, in the photo its not really round la...shaky hands wat. But the photo was not taken by me.:-P

(2) Moon Cake

Got this from Selina. I like the packaging. nice eh..:-) the jelly mooncake is wat i planned to buy but owes forgot...now i got one, so happy...

3) Tang Lungs/ laterns/ watever u call it..

Some of these we bought it last minute before the shop closed. Then we hook up some string and put up the tang lungs. Nice ler..

An artistic photo taken by me.Ok la..i tinks its artistic ler

4) spend time wif ppl close to you :-)
Dad's not in Kch though, he went KL for training, bro also at KL studying, so only mum and me, and also him..:-) Mum and me had a simple dinner together.

But we had a great time, putting up tang lungs, eating mooncake (ok, its i forced them, cause i don't want all those moon cakes get mouldy if we don't eat it soon, :-p), watching TV, taking photos, etc etc...

Overall, its a nice nite for me despite a short rain in the beginning of the evening.



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