Monday, September 26, 2005

Friday Nite - Oreo Cheese Cake

23rd Sept 2005, 6.30pm, i received a call from an ex colleague.@@!! ok la..nthg surprising la...actually her sis got 2 vouchers for cake and tea/ coffee at Holiday Inn, she can't go so she offered it to me. I brought along a friend whom i've known since primary school. I brought her cos her house is nearest to mine so i don't need drive too far to pick her up..:-P..keke..

So when we were at Holiday Inn, they are still quite a number of cakes that both of us can choose. Blueberry cheese, Oreo Cheese, Tiramisu, baked cheese, some nutty-choc-cake(forgot the name)..n etc..

I chose Oreo Cheese. Mine looked a bit weird.LOL

my fren chose Tiramisu, her fav.I don't really like tiramisu. Hers look nicer hor...

The taste of the cakes are ok lar...there's a slight presence of lime-y taste in it. Both are cheese based but i tasted more lime....but bey tang hiam lar..its free wat..we treat it as a girls' nite out lor...drink free coffee, eat free cake and keng kai lo..hehe

But after that we went too travilion to con't our nite out. Planning to go The Crib (got comfy sofa bar) but the sofas are fully occupied :-(, so as Frappe, lazy to walk so far until Mambo King (actually its not far, but I'm getting sleepy..hehe), so we settled for Point One. We didn't chat for long as we soon got sleepy..LOL! So abt half hour or so, we headed for home..~The End~

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