Thursday, September 29, 2005

Just a Photo

This entry is nthg long-winded. Just to show a photo i took.hehe

This is the bougainvillea (spelled correctly?) aka "Bunga Kertas" at the back of my house.

Before i took the photo of the flower, I took photo of my neighbour's pet.

Meet "Lou Bong", he was named by my creative bro..."Lou Bong" means old yellow in hakka. So we call him Lou Bong, when my friends saw him, i will intro him as lou bong.

Lou Bong will bark at anything, if you act suspiciously (like taking a photo of him), he will bark, if got ppl pass by he will bark, if my bro practice his kung fu, he will bark, when he saw a caterpillar, he will bark n whine at the same time. Funny dog, fearless towards human but scared like what when saw a lifeform a hundred times smaller than him..haha


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