Wednesday, September 28, 2005


I'm terribly sleepy this monday. I'm beginning to suspect its because i've missed my usual zzz-until-noon sleep on Sunday. And partially because i spent most of my time shopping for steambot materials on a very hot Sunday afternoon.

I was so relunctant to wake up on Monday. Eye lids so heavy. Even after washing my face, i still feel sleepy. So there i was, so sleepy but still need to go to work. So i decided to listen to mp3 while work to make myself more awake.

I was starting to nod when this particular song (Aerosmith's I don't want to miss a thing) was playing. My eyes were abt to close when he sang "I DON'T WANT to close my eyes~~ I DON't WANT to fall asleep~...." and it woke me up..LOL..i chuckled, and at the same time i still feel sleepy. SO i've decided to listen to another round of the song. And it works, I'm 80% awake after it! Lame eh...but works on me..:-P

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