Sunday, September 04, 2005

Dinner at The Junk

It was some1 special's birthday. And we were going for dinner and wanted to try out new Ittalian place next to Little Saigon.

So we went there happily, the ambience was okie...the place was quite full, business looks gd to me, so we went in. We ordered 2 iced teas, a beef steak (4got the italian name), a type of pasta, and a salad...ok, i 4got alll the italian name for those food...hehe..the iced teas came in a short while...

so while we wait for our food, we chatted. But soon we ran out of topic, and realise we have waited for almost an hour. We notice a family came later than usm had their food already...we r getting irritated...we frowned....we called the waiter, "Where is our food??!!" we asked...he excused himself to the counter...and the ang mo waitress came back and you know wat she said " I'm sorry, some1 forgot to pass the order to the cook.." how can they forget to pass the order??? don't they suspect anything when we were sitting there, looking hungry?bo ko neng we go there just for 2 iced teas??? which cost rm3.80 per glass n tasted nthg special to me??!! Well, their service i will refer to that place at Italiano Bella Suxo ..i added the Suxo in...

We left the place angry, could they do this to us...ggrr..

i was so hungry liao at that I decided to go The Junk instead..I was planning to give the birthday cake after dinner when we go some place and have tea. But it was getting late...i decided to bring along the cake to The Junk. As soon as we sit there, the waiter (actually i dunno he is a waiter or one of the owner, lets say he's a waiter) offered to store the cake in fridge for us. This is a sign of good service. We were given their menu, the menu does not state any price on it. I didn't think much and ordered lamb shank and Banana Crush cos i was starving already..and my bf ordered Fettucine Carbonara and Blueberry & Raspberry Crush. We chatted a while abt Italiano Bella Suxo. I dunno how long is it, but it was a really short span of time between our order making and food serving. Our food arrived sooner than i expected.

Here is my Lamb Shank. It was actually quite a big portion. But it was served so fast..will the meat be hard? I tried to cut soft...put it in my tender n juicy..n the sauce was just nice....*heavenly* There was mashed potato under neath the lamb...i juz loveeee mashed potato.

He had fettucine carbonara..of cos i got a few forkful of them..keke.. i oso got give him some of my food wat..

I like the fettucine carbonara as well. mm..cheesy enuf...yet not too cheesy until make u kau uwek..

NICE. You can also see our drinks in the photo. hehe

The plates thats been used is actually quite big...its bigger than wat u tink you see in the photo...i dunno the exact measurement. you go there find out urself lo

Here is the cake. Blueberry cheese cake. I designed it. Nice ler... But we are too full to eat it liao..each of us ate a small piece only.:-)

So, we gestured for the waiter to bill us. This is the bill:

lamb shank : RM24
Fetuccine Carbonara : RM 20
Banana Crush : RM4
Blueberry & Raspberry crush : RM 7

We were so happy cos its a really reasonable price. They didn't cincai tai charge. I cant remember got tax o not though. But i think got la...cos the total amt got sen value there. Total is RM 51.60 i tink...cant remember liao..

Anyway, i was so happy and satisfied after eating at The Junk that i have forgotten abt Italiano Bella Suxo... :-)

if you want to bring anyone to dinner, i definitely recommend The Junk. Tasty food! Gd Service!Frenly Staff...


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Kenny Sia said...

I wanted to try The Junk a few times but the parking around that area is terrible.

13th Panda said...

well, you can try parking by the roadside near the kopitiam and walk to The Junk or try Ting & Ting (car park will be closed when the supermarket closes, so have to leave early if you park here)

13th Panda said...
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