Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Beautiful Wedding -03/07/07

Yesterday, a dear friend got married. She was pretty, cheerful and all smiles (always are!).

They have always been such a lovely couple. After being together for so long, the groom popped the BIG question and the bride said YES!

Despite the sunny hot weather, we had lots of laughters. They registered on the very same day, in front of 20++ of us as eye witnesses (only needed 2 witnesses to sign the marriage certificate ma).Once the registrar declared it as official, we all clapped and it was such a touching moment for me.

Its a lovely lovely wedding. Warm and fuzzy. A kind of wedding i like (and happy) to be a part of. :-) Now they are on a long honeymoon vacation.

Congrats my friend. I wish u and ur hubby will always be loving till forever and ever. You 2 are our role model! So must live up to it ya?LOL


Chen said...

Congrats RS & Mr C, or Mr & Mrs C :)

zeroimpact said...

Big congratulations to you know who, the ju kok
May you have a happy ever after life.
It's just so nice to see close friends gettting married

VampireM said...

u are the long long hair gal with pinkcotton hor?

Anonymous said...

yesssssss.........she is pui pui.....

13th Panda said...

chen: :-))

zeroimpact: YA, indeed it is!

vampirem: OK!which one are u? LOL

anonymous: OK!I demand to know who are you also!LOL

Simple American said...

Best wished to the new couple. She has beautiful hands. :)

Redsponge said...


but WAIT...role models? put pressure ah? ;p

this anonymous is who? i think must be that seikia!

u ppl get to know each other dy! the world round! oops..

and and and I read it! SA mentioned my hands! 'x'!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!