Wednesday, January 03, 2007

HDD almost full

I got lots to tell. But my Hdd is getting full. And I need to wait a while before i can get my new HDD. HEE

I need my photos to blog. WHY?Cos i ain't good at words. If got photos, at least i can tell a bit on it. :-D!

If the photo is 1/2 mayb i can blog about it la..but i wanna blog abit about my trip.EHEHE..


Kenny Ng said...

yeah... post more photos... I like to see photos... :P

Simple American said...

Waiting for the new Hddd. :)

I wanna see pics too!

zeroimpact said...

Will be waiting, I'm sure it must have been a great trip
I hope you will get your HDD soon, very soon

Selba said...

Hdd? uhmmmm... head? or...? kekekeke

show.. show... show... pics!!! I love seeing pictures... a pic can tell how many words? :D