Friday, January 26, 2007

Trip -pt 2

I know its a bit too late to post something about christmas *GRIN*

please forgive me ya. HEE

somemore my bro is back..and he monopolises my pc.-.-"

Below are some nice xmas scenes i saw..

Pretty Blue xmas

I think this was at The Curve.

House of Bread :-P

This was at Midvalley?I think..

My lunch at Nandos.

I had hot chicken, I think Extra Hot tasted better. hmm. I had messy hair that day, because i didn't dry it properly before i sleep the previous night. I was tired from all the walking ma.

My supper@ Secret Recipe

It was really yummy. MMM. Kuching is going to have its very own Secret Recipe soon. YAY! (^.^)v


Selba said...

Hehehe... the christmas spirit is already gone leh... :D

Whoaaaa.... secret recipe!!! yummy!!!

Sin Ling said...

wah 13th panda,u secret recipe for supper, i only fried bihun for supper, so big differences... :(

zeroimpact said...

Mid Valley had one of the best designs
The food is tempting and it made me hungry edi

13th Panda said...

selba: HAHAHA!nvm ma, get ready for xmas in another 11 mths :-p

sin ling: :-p, I only have such $ supper when i go play. LOL. I rarely have supper, scared get fat :-P

zeroimpact: 2005's decor prettier ler I think, it was white xmas theme at that time.

day-dreamer said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog.

Nice pictures you got there. I also had the chance to witness the beautiful Christmas decorations at MidValley last month. They are just so nice!!

Have a happy weekend!

Winn said...

KLCC i spotted!

was it KLCC? errrr!!! the first pic!? i cant reemember!

13th Panda said...

day-dreamer:Thanks!happy wkend to u 2!

winn: I didn't go to KLCC ler..i think its The Curve/ Ikano?

Redsponge said...

can wait to try the secret recipe in kuching!!! *jump jump*

Simple American said...

Hey. It's never too late for Christmas. :)