Thursday, January 18, 2007


I got my HDD liao! BUT....i don't have photoshop's installer.*scratch head* * sigh*

I shall get it installed soon, so that i can edit my photos.

Today's entry is for those who don't spend much time in the nature much.

Ok!First question for the day.

What color does green chilli matured to before it becomes ripe red?

Give u 5 seconds.






Answer: Purple


OK..lets move to another section -> Tree Guess.

Its simple. You try to guess what is the tree in the photo shown. Answers will be revealed this Sunday, in my comments.

(1) This one should be easy.





:-) Gd luck!


Simple American said...

*scratches head*

I'm blur blur! :)

13th Panda said...

LOL! cannot blame you..most of them, u can only see it here in Malaysia

*hint : they are all local fruit trees.

Pink Cotton said...

aiyoyo so hard leh!

first tree i know!!


kekekeke 2nd tree..hmmm kangkung tree???ROF

ok i give up!

wah never knew that chilli can bcome purple!!!!!!!!!wooo wwaaaa oooooo ahhhh 'x'

13th Panda said...

pink cotton : KEKE!this is quite an educational post hor?

Sin Ling said...

hi 13th panda, i am first time here, but u post such a hard questions. I know the first one is rambutan tree.. hehe, nice blog, but really dont know the tree name, nice to meet you, cant wait to see answer already.. :)

Selba said...

Oh..... Mom!!! Mom!!! Where's my mom??? She should be able to answer... She knows everykind of plants.

Eh... I've never known about purple chilli... is that real? kekekeke

13th Panda said...

sin ling : welcome to my blog! :-)

selba: real one..i also didn't notice it all this while..but i thought they turn green then purple, then red?

everyone: SORRY FOR giving out the answers late!!:-p I was too engrossed in japanese series "MY BOSS, MY HERO" yesterday. HEHEH
OK, here's the answer :

1.rambutan tree
2. guava tree
3. mangosteen tree
4. langsat tree
5. durian tree

papercrazy said...

Aiks....I have never came across a purple-turned-red chilli boh....the ones I have at my backyard doesn't le....

maybe this is a cultivation result of chilli and brinjal.....

13th Panda said...

papercrazy: ya kah?eeeh?cis, oink tipu me, he told me they turn purple before becoming red..:-D

sILv3r BelLs said...

HAHAHa... i never know chili become PURPLE color before its ripes...LOL..

AH!! now i can see how's the look of Mangosteen tree... erm.. but Panda, i still prefer to go see the real one bo... hehe...

Eh.. Langsat Tree so tall le... I thought is very short one...LOL...

or2ng3s said...

haha i think i will remember for the second i see it and forget again. :p

Selba said...

Hahaha.. I can't believe the purple chilli is realy, though it might be real. My mom got some chilli plants in our garden but it always starts green, light green, yellow, orange then red, never ever purple :)