Friday, February 02, 2007

Uniquely Singapore

After Genting, we took the bus and went to Johor and eventually went to Singapore.

Merlion at Sentosa Island

Its really is beautiful here in Sg during Xmas time. There are plenty of beautiful trees.


And my very personal favourite tree...

Diamond tree sponsored by Soo Kee jewels at Bugis

But only the star on top of the tree was consist of diamond. I was thinking if all those diamonds are mine, WAH! rich-lah aku!

And we went down to Sentosa Island, and enjoyed the breeze in the Beach trams.

And also also monkeys with big, red ass. LOL.. they are cute and clever.

This monkey for sure can sit long2 one because of his "natural cushion". Not like us, sit a few hours at office, already feel butt-ache. LOL

For xmas eve dinner, we went to Seoul Garden at Bugis. MMM.

We enjoyed dinner there. My friend joined us for dinner. And we ate and ate and ate till we are FAT FAT.LOL

When we ate half way, there was group of youngster hopping from one shop to another and did carollings. WAH, so chrismasy-lah.

I had a fun time in Singapore. :-)


Scott McLean said...

Hi, The food looks delicious! I have made California roll before. It's very good! Well, I hope you have a great weekend. Take care,


zeroimpact said...

Wah so nice
So much fun and so many nice food
Makes me hungry edi
must go and try at this place

Redsponge said...

muuu...wish I hav the chance to spend christmas season in Spore...have been dreaming for that for years!

Selba said...

Oh.. my... I miss X'mas in Singapore... so nice :)

yummy food!!! *slurp*

Sin Ling said...

Wah 13th panda, i wish to go singapore too, i onlyable to go singapore airport to transsit my flight, and i didnt get to go singapore too during standard six, afer UPSR because tat time got economic crisis.. :'(

13th Panda said...

Scott : Hi! Welcome to my blog! my fav is californian maki! KEKE.. yup, i am indeed having a fulfilling weekend! :-)

zeroimpact : HAHA!U sud go try. I tink on normal days its S$15.99/ arnd that. Because it was xmas eve that day, the price was at S$20.99 (not inc the broth for the steambot)

redsponge : Well, u can go this year end!

selba : Its very beautiful at SG during xmas time hor?

sin ling : nvm *pat pat*, you will have ur chance..go during XMAS!its v pretty!

sILv3r BelLs said... come i didn't see "tiok" that green christmas tree with Star

13th Panda said...

silver bells: mayb ur eyes look at 'elsewhere'..HAHAHA!

Simple American said...

Looks pretty good. I could use a big red ass. I sit so long at work. wakakakaa

Chen said...

i went to singapore near christmas time ages ago - 1987 :D