Wednesday, February 28, 2007

It's Your Game!

Today, after work, i went here (see below) to become a public judge, with my dad n Jaqq.

I bought 3 (Rm1.10 each)tix for myself to see if I'll have any luck...

The draw starts at 7pm sharp. And i have found out how they decide on which numbers get 1st prize, 2nd and 3rd!Its based on the number on horses that wins on a race! OK, if u already know this, please ignore me. :-p

Its like this, there's 5 transparents boxes. The 1st one will have the horses' number, starters balls and consolation balls. The rest of the boxes will have numbers for the 4 digits.

The one in the 1st box will determine whether the other 4 digits is a winning number/ starter/ consolation number.

So then, after the numbers appear on the screen right, you got to record it down lo.

As the numbers appear, my heart sank deeper n deeper...:-(

NONE KENA! NONE of my CHOSEN NUMBERS KENA! NOT even CONSOLATION PRIZE..but then expected la...i always don't have luck one..SIENZ

But at least i didn't go home empty handed lo...

They gave us a BIG umbrella. See how big is it compare to the Orange? I wanted to compare it with Mango, but she keeps running around...since orange is abundance i used it instead..HAHA


Simple American said...

Thinking of a Hong Kong movie title.

Sitting Orange. Running Mango.


Wau!. The betting seems so complex. Ca I just give them two bucks and go. =P

Pink Cotton said...

hmm very nice umbrella

i think rm3.30 for one big umbrella is worth it!!! i wanna get myself a big umbrella too...LOL

13th Panda said...

Gerald (keke): Sitting Orange, Running Mango?!! HAHA! no bribery lo...u have to book the place..:-p

pink cotton: keke...see if have vacancy next time ma, then i'll inform u..keke

Kenny Ng said...

How to play one?

zeroimpact said...

A very good comparison
And well, I don't have luck also want

13th Panda said...

kenny:V easy one, you just record dwn the numbers that appear and verify with the other judges, and u will walk away with umbrella/ t-shirt..HAHA....but u have to resgiter as a public judge 1st lo..but i am not sure how KL ones' are..

zeroimpact:can can! KL macam also got ler..Kuching here only Cash Sweeps do their draws here

or2ng3s said...

yay big umbrella, good for u & oink!

nyonyapenang said...

i oni want the umbrella. :)

13th Panda said...

Oren: ya lor, for a big guy like oink, it will be handy

Nyonya Penang: KEKE!lai, i sell to u for RM20. :-P

Anonymous said...

Hey gal, talking about buying lottery, i bought my first the week after i came back from kuching (u cant believe i would buy right?). I got so influenced by my colleagues cos the whole company was buying it. It was a once in a year thing after cny in Sing and the first prize was about 700 thousand. Right now i still cant believe it, i spent 20 dollars for 20 pages of numbers which comprised of about 80 sets of numbers, and i spent 1 hour matching the numbers. In the end i didnt even get one kena. 80 sets of numbers and not even one kena! Do you believe it? i really regret buying it. You know, you didnt loose anything, instead you gained.


Your fren in Sing

Anonymous said...

Buying the lottery in sing was the stupidest investment. I would rather buy it in kuching and still get the umbrella even if i didnt kena. haha

Your fren in Sing