Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Why do I blog? tagged by miss redsponge

*rub chin*


I don't think i have until 5 reasons.

let me see.... *continue to rub chin*

(1) Monkey see monkey do? People do it so i just try lo

(2) To share (eg. places to eat, what i see n encountered, etc)

(3) So that my bro, my friends outside Kuching will know what i have been up to lately...

OK!that's all..LOL


Selba said...

Only 3 reasons??? Hahaha... :D

Redsponge said...

hmmm give u 5 bucks...only spend 3 bucks...not bad la..good girl!

hahaha... ;p

blog is a good sharing place!

Simple American said...

So this means you have to make two more answers for your next meme. muahahahahaha!

But cannot fault your reasons to blog.

zeroimpact said...

Yes and I get to know more and what you are doing too
Sharing is definitely the word but then I can't go, so far

or2ng3s said...

yes agree with zeroimpact, sharing is it but can't go too far.

heheh monkey!

Pink Cotton said...

only 3 reasons?!?!


hmmm i think blogging have brought us all closer!...*group hug*

13th Panda said...

selba: hehe, enuf ma...better than none

redsponge : of cos! i m guai~

simple american: O.O!!

zeroimpact : NVM! got air asia!everyone can fly!

Oren: dun call me moneky u!

pink cotton: *group hug*

Sin Ling said...

you are not a monkey, you are a panda, so panda see panda do, hehe... :D

Kenny Ng said...

so simple ah?

nyonyapenang said...

add 2 more ler.

13th Panda said...

sin ling : LOL!

kenny ng: ya lo..as simple as that..

nyonya penang: dun have another 2 reason ler..ah bo u help me think.LOL