Monday, March 19, 2007

Fine Dining?

Finally, i get to come here after missing the chance during valentine period. Last nite I went with Hui Tze. keke.

Initially we wanted to go to Wishing Well, but its NOT open funny, then we head for Elephant, and its closed.LOL

So i suggested Mr. HO.

Not knowing wat to order, and heard that the pork here is good, we order Roasted Pork with Apple Sauce, since Apple sauce sounds yummy.. We were quite shocked when we were served with this.. looks like sio bak, smells like sio bak..MEMANG is SIO BAK ler!!only got apple sauce, mashed potato and some over-boiled vege to make it fine food!

@@! We laughed at our order.

Besides that, we also ordered asian pesto pasta. Which also shocked us, its green, and it has the herb that i dun like most (usually sprinkled on laksa). But surprisingly, it tasted good. Have to give it a try ma. But i wont order this next time.HAHA! and it used too much olive oil.

The "sio bak" was rm18.90, the pasta was rm14.90.

I tink Mr Ho do offer some fine food, but we just ordered the wrong ones. Maybe will go back try others.

After all those fatty food, we felt a bit terrible, with those oily taste lingering in our mouth. So we decided that we must drink tea to wash it away.LOL. So we dropped by at Memories. Not very full from the previous munchings, we ordered Grilled Chicken Salad. The grilled chicken is good. MM..


Redsponge said...

i tried the mix-grilled.


and someone order the spaghetti (forgot which one)...

both are so-so.

HEE...maybe you are not only the one ordering the wrong food!

I dun like the sardine in can. PACK.



Selba said...

Oh.. I LOVE pesto!!! The green thing is basil leaves.

Well, I'm not quite sure how it tasted in the restaurant because I ate once here in Jakarta the pesto pasta and it tasted nasty :(

Should try it when visit Italy or at least european countries :)

or2ng3s said...

waseh being to so many places in a night! seemed that mr ho isn't very recommended eh? but always full ler.

Simple American said...

So in your opinion Mr. Ho should stick to videos?

Pink Cotton said...

hehehehe...sio bak in the market only rm10 for long long piece 'x'

but the pasta looks good...hmmm

13th Panda said...

redsponge: true, always packed, i wonder why? *rub chin*

selba: OH!BASIL!that's the term!

Oren:maybe can go back try other dishes..

simple american: hmm??LOL

Pink Cotton: the pasta a bit too oily..:-p but i remember u like basil

zeroimpact said...

I don't really like this Mr Ho leh, sell food so expensive when we can eat it for so cheap

13th Panda said...

zeroimpact: HAHA!nvm la, now i know liao

sILv3r BelLs said...

i must go once..I heard my frens said the food nice ler... 'x'

Platinum_Girl said...

Mr Ho's roasted is damn good. I tried to mix platter of meats. Some nice, some not. But damn expensive i tell you.

13th Panda said...

bells: go go go..go with...(u know who, he sud eat more..LOL)

platinum girl:nice is nice la..but but but...looks like normal sio bak..WAHAHA