Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Been very busy lately. Just came back from a day trip to Miri a few hours ago. YUP! Flew to Miri at 7.30 am then come back at 6.15. *tired*

That's why there's no update this few days. So today i shall post a longer one. HEHE

i finished my briefing with the customers around 1 pm. Since I had time till 4 pm, i decided to walk to the nearby Boulevard Hypermart to have a look around. But in less than 3 hours, I bought a pair of pants, a greeting card, a magazine, souvenirs for the girls and my Oink, a pair of couple-piggie soft toy, and had lunch. Geez, i tink i shop more when I am alone! LOL. Then on my way back to the office, i noticed a japanese restaurant, too bad I didn't have enough time to go in and try, if only i have noticed it earlier. *sigh* so i walk back to the office, and saw this 4d shop, people always say when u go travel, sud buy some lottery ticket, who knows got luck ler?so I stop by and bought 2 numbers, then head back to office, then i saw there's another sports toto shop, stop awhile to think whether i sud go in buy or not, but didn't in the end, cos not enough time liao, have to get back to the office to take my file & stuff. Besides, if i am meant to be lucky, my 4d numbers will kena oso ma. My customer intro-ed me home-made Belacan (aka shrimp paste), so I bought 1 kg-rm20, it is indeed v fragrant and very fresh. My customers even wrapped it nicely so that it won't smell.

We had to go to airport at 4pm because we are following miri's customer's transport. And they off work at 4pm.

Bored waiting at Miri airport. luckily I had my magazine.

Very glad to be back home.

And last week, I went to Sibu, spent a night there.

Had kampua mee. Its rm1.80 only! O.O!

But not very nice though. I didn't go and shop much at Sibu, only went to the wet market. I heard its the biggest in Malaysia.

On the eve of Chap Goh Meh, we had a BBQ gathering at Selina's house.

And we get to "Lao Seng". Its where carrots, ginger, veges, raw salmon are sliced thinly and nicely arranged. Then everyone will get ready their chopstick and start "stirring" all the ingredients n mix them together. Its quite fun actually. But i dun really like this dish because of the ginger. But i like the raw salmon. MMM~sashimi. LOL

On the 6th day of chinese new year. We had a BBQ party at home too.


And Tristan came together with his papa and mama. He looked so much like his papa now. Only eye brow part looked like mama! LOL! Tristan is not like most baby i know, he lets anyone hugs him and don't even whine. And he is a very curious boy. But i wonder why his hair like that?LOL! Click here to see Tristan when he is a few weeks old.

ok lah, i need my beauty sleep now.LOL



Anonymous said...

His hair like that because its so original and untouched, except for some trimming at the sides nia.

Ahhhhhh .. my cute lil boy :P

PG said...

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Thanks all.

Pink Cotton said...

can shop within few hours

wait a minute.....

did i hear GIFTS FOR THE GALS?!??!?

YIPPEE YIPPEE..its good to hv u back..what time r u arriving??need me to go bring ur bag ma?need me to pour water for u ma?WAHAHAHA

redsponge said...

you complain bulat...when he trying to avoid from u 'x'!!!!

but bulat said u r pretty auntie booooo


or2ng3s said...

i hope u kena 4D and treat me a big meal!! yay yay! hehe... quick quick, i can't wait to redeem my gift. :p

*muka tembok as if the gift is for me*

13th Panda said...

Tristan's mama: oic. Who trimmed it?must b u! :-p

platinum gal: welcome~

pink cotton: WAHAHAH!

red sponge: OH~ bulat has gd taste then! AHAHHA..hmm~but aunty sounds OLD

Oren: I hope i kenak 4d too! but slim chance la..i buy "song" only02

Simple American said...

Got to pinch those baby cheeks. KKKKKKKK!!!!

Why did I think you were in college?

Sounds like an interesting day. Don't be such a stranger. ;)

papercrazy said...

waiseh...not only buy 4D, sports toto also ah??? terror ah lu...why din buy bigsweep?? Might as well sapu semua..

Hope u strike big then u can donate some money to the Panda reservation centre in China....pandas are almost extinct liaw lor

Selba said...

I've never tried "lao sheng"
Wondering where can I find it :)

13th Panda said...

simple american:WAHHAHA! really?Do I sound that young?LOL..*sniff sniff* i hope to go back college n study oso..life was much easier then..*sigh*

papercrazy:I've checked. NONE of my numbers kenak, not in 4d, sports toto o watever...POOR pandas in china, and also poor 13thpanda..uhuk uhuk..

selba: can DIY actually, the raw salmon, u can use sashimi!LOL! I think most chinese restaurant will offer this dish during CNY period.

zeroimpact said...

Very cute leh... pinch pinch
And yes the Sibu wet market is very big, but did not go in the last time just went and ate upstairs

13th Panda said...

zeroimpact: I had the most sour sea cucumber soup in my life at the market there..LOL..too much vinegar i suppose