Thursday, March 22, 2007

My Restaurant

Oink brought me to My Restaurant last nite. Its place highly recommended by Selina.
It is quite simlar to Carvery.

The only thing i don't really like is interior design. The colors, hmm~
Mushroom soup. MM~really nice.

price: rm9

I had pork fillet. YUMMY-LAH MAN!the pork is oh-so-tender la..n the mustard cream sauce reallyblended well. and oh the chunky mashed potato..mmm~ too bad i was a bit full from the soup..oink had to finish it for me..HAHA!
close up look at the meat.

pork fillet :rm26/28 (cant remember)

Oink had Aussie Chicken. The chicken was grilled, then baked with mushroom and cheese on top. NICE also, but still my pork fillet nicer..LOL

Price: rm21


Simple American said...

Did you save any for me?

Looks so yummy. But I agree. Darn ugree design.

zeroimpact said...

I like the plates
Looks really nice and fancy

Pink Cotton said...

hee..i heard my restaurant is owned by the previous cook of carvery lor..hence the similarities

u like it huh? :P

i think its ok so ...but from 2 experiences, i think most of the meat are saltier than normal...cant stand it

Selba said...

wooohoooooo... the meat is so...... *slurp*

13th Panda said...

simple american: sorry,all got into Oink's or my stomach..AHAHAH

zeroimpact: I told Oink i like my plate..remind me of zebra

pink cotton: salty kah?hmm, but i like my pork fillet wor..

selba: keke..want some?LOL

Platinum_Girl said...

Hi Panda,

Been to my restaurant before. Portion is kinda small for the price. Total damage was less than RM100 for 2 person, but when we paid with CC, the taukenio face like not happy and smiling to the tauke, as if mocking us. I prefer Exza and Magenta.

Sin Ling said...

wah 13th panda, can i have the mushroom soup, and pork fillet *oik oik oik*, so nice, where is the 'my restaurant'?

13th Panda said...

platinum_girl : ya, the portion is kinda small, but enough for me, want to keep fit ma..LOL..hmm~i havn't been to exza yet..

sin ling:u come here, i feed u..LOL..My Restaurant is here in Kuching

papercrazy said...

I like My Restaurant too...Were there last Saturday and I had the austrian homemade sausage...nice but salty

Taukenio can be a bit arrogant but tawkay very friendly

Platinum_Girl said...

You should try Exza la der ...

Why you havent link to my blog :(

13th Panda said...

platinum_girl: ok ok, i shall go there one day. ok la, i link u..i bz ma lately