Thursday, February 08, 2007

5 things Ah Boy don't know about me

(1) Ah boy ah ah boy, I was born on the doggy year ler. And i like dogs. But I also like other cute animals like cats la, rabbits la, hamster la...

(2) This is my favourite flower lo. Pretty ma? Its calla lily, i like it best in white. So ah boy, next time see this, must pluck for me..LOL!!

(3) Ah boy ah, that day hor, I had a really sweet dream. I dreamt I married Brad Pitt.WAHAHAHHA..:-D~~woke up happy la..LOL

(4) And hor, i like english oldies music but don't really like chinese oldies except for "Moon represents my heart" (direct translation from the mandarin name,LOL) by Theresa Teng. My dad hor, every Sunday 7pm, will tune into don't know which radio channel and listen to chinese oldies with the volume loud enough to entertain our neighbours too. -.-" I also like other music la, like pop la, R&B la, sentimental la..etc etc.

(5) Lately I have become more like panda lo, cos lack of sleep. HAHA!So tonight must sleep earlier liao. So nite nite ah Boy~and sweet dream~ may u dream about siew pai kuat, and i dream about Brad..LOL!


zeroimpact said...

I think I'm becoming panda too and a sick one
Sick sick panda
Take care ah

Chen said...

I love oldies leh :D

so many pandas on the move
I also zzz later for the last 2 nights liao..

Simple American said...

Are you sure you're not dreaming about me. wakakakakakakaa That would be a nightmare. For you. haha

Hey I'm a doggie year too. Cool that you are too.

13th Panda said...

zeroimpact: wah!take care ah u~lets sleep earlier tonight :-D

chen: *high 5* lets sleep earlier liao, or else later not pretty for CNY..HAHA

Simple American: YAY!*high five again* Ya, i am sure its Brad. :-p

Sin Ling said...

Wah you so lucky ar, dream of marrying brad pitt, angelina jolie not jealous mer? ok ok, dont keep the panda eyes ok? go sleep now, everyday must sleep at least 8 hours ok? hehe :D

Ah Boy said...

now ah boy knows more about 13th panda jie jie liao :)

13th Panda said...

sin ling: wakakak, dun be jeles ya~There's no Angelina Jolie in my dream, wahaha...ok, i try sleep more than 8 hrs. :-p

ah boy: :-)

Redsponge said...


only one that i dunno!

Pink Cotton said...

tsk tsk

dream abt brad pitt pulak!

oink now not handsome enuf lah???

13th Panda said...

red sponge : but its 5 things ah boy dunno about me ma..LOL

pink cotton: Brad Pitt more handsome..MUAHAHAH..but i still prefer OINK la..have to be realistic a bit..:-p