Tuesday, February 06, 2007


While we were away, we left Mango with Vivian. Vivian has a really cute shih tzu.

Meet Maggie...

Before that, we brought Mango to visit to let her social social with Maggie a bit. Who knows in the end, Mango bullied Maggie. -.-"

After we came back from the trip, we brought Mango go visit Maggie again. Vivian told us how was Mango during the days when we are not there. Mango didn't even dare to bully Maggie. She was actually 'stoned', blurred on her whereabouts. Mango usually get 'stoned' when she's scared. So on her 1st day, she was like a statue.LOL

But on 2nd day onwards, she started to friend friend with Maggie liao. HAHA!Guess she knows who is the real 'pet' in the house liao.

Maggie is an adorable Shih Tzu. She likes to be pet. She has this fluffy 'hair' on top of her head. :-)

But she can be naughty too..

bubble's content translated to english :Where are u looking huh?

I guess Maggie is Mango's 1st female canine friend. :-)


Simple American said...

Where was Maggie looking? *blur* :P

Good to see Mango had good company while you were away.

Ah Boy said...

Hello Maggie, Hello Mango :)

Maggie is cute
Mango now has new friend liao..

psss.. 13th panda jie,
ah boy has just tagged u woh..

Sin Ling said...

maggie rulez, opppp, mango rules also, now mango has a new friend already. If maggie is a guy then mango has new generation already... :p

Chen said...

mango no choice but gotta behave mah when u r not around :P

Kenny Ng said...

I tot u like panda only... now i know u also a dog lover...

Pink Cotton said...

heeeee maggie so cuute!!!

i think she looks sked of mango lehh

13th Panda said...

SA: haha!u dunno where is she looking at meh?

ah boy: *gasp*ah boy u tagged me? ah boy u got gf ma?LOL

sin ling:haha!but mango still bullies maggie.

chen:ya, when i came back, she bcame wild again and cont to bully Maggie when we go visit.

kenny ng: I love cute animals, not only dogs..LOL

pink cotton: LOL!that's bcos Mango owes bully her, and chase her around.

papercrazy said...

Maggie look like the mop in one of the pix..I thot there was another dog there...