Sunday, February 25, 2007

Belaga : Driving Through the Hills

I watched sunrise from inside the bus. Its beautiful.

It took 12 hours frm Kuching to Bintulu in bus. I didn't have a nice sleep. There's always interruptions (stops, custom checkings, ppl getting down half way), grrr. To make it worse, i had a back ache and a butt ache after sitting for too long..

From Bintulu to Belaga, its another 3 and a half hours. O.O more 15 and a half hours on the road in total!

But i survived! I was glad to be in Belaga after that. I was a bit nauseous frm the long journey.

Belaga is a small place with a few landmarks. Dad say its good to come here if u want to relax. But i am not very used to it. And started to miss Kuching and the people there.:-p and of course i missed mango as well.

CNY at Belaga is a bit quiet. Since most of the Chinese went to Miri/ Sibu/ etc to celebrate their CNY.

The actual visiting i did was on first day only.

Luckily Belaga still got leng chai to see..mmm..

See, leng chai bor?

leng chai @ belaga

On the 2nd day of CNY, we went to this place called 'long ang mo' ??, not sure the actual name though.

Its like Matang, only the water is murkier. And there lots of insects that were feasting on your blood. My legs were so itchy. I had to surpress myself frm scratching them, so that i won't leave any ugly scars.

But soon it rained. :-D! It was funny for us to walk under the rain, towards the car. With mum squealing, asking me to cover myself.LOL.

My cousin, not willing to let me take her photo because she was soaking wet. :-D

And soon, its time to go home..

Its almost 10am, but still foggy.
My lunch at Farley, Bintulu.

Its Beef mee, but the 'beef' is white color and DO NOT taste a bit like beef, i even questioned the cook, and she insists its beef. hmmm *rub chin*

BTW, it wasn't nice at all.

The ang tao peng (red bean with ice) tasted much better.

Oh, how i missed Kuching's food. I think its the best in whole Msia, I've been to Penang and still think Kch has the best hawker food around.


Chen said...

i had been to Kapit several years back but not to Belaga.

Might be tat is the mutated cow? tat's why didnt have beef taste?

which place has the best hawker food? It all depends on individuals.
One man's meat might be another man's poison :D

Gerald said...

Where is Belaga? Looks nice. :)

Gerald said...

Gerald = Simple American

Why did it do that?

13th Panda said...

chen: dunno why don't have beef taste ler.. hmm, u r right, the best still depends on the person itself..

gerald aka SA: wahahha, now i know ur name! I shall call u Gerald from now..Belaga is hmm, 3 and a half hours from Bintulu..HAHA...its in Sarawak by the way.

zeroimpact said...

I want to ang tao peng
Sounds very yummy
And the ride must have been tiring, but so fun can watch sunrise

13th Panda said...

zeroimpact: the ang tao peng too much for me..i didn't finish it..HAHA!I had butt-ache frm the long ride..the sunrise was beautiful but it was hot after that..LOL

Simple American said...

Where's Bintulu? lol

I like Jerry better. K?

13th Panda said...

SA:Its in Sarawak lo, erm, near to Miri? U like Jerry (frm F4 is it?)...can~~

Simple American said...

Wat is F4?

Anonymous said...

hey, i agree kuching has the best food too.

Your fren in Sing