Wednesday, February 14, 2007

We decided to celebrate valentine a bit earlier, so that we won't be overcharged by set dinners, which I can't finish also.

At first, we wanted to go to Mr. Ho, but its booked! Only left those teeny weeny tables by the bar. I want to order so much, how can that small table fit all. So we left.

Eventually, we ended up at Living Room.

The staff there are very friendly. We sat at the pillow section. Where u have to take off ur shoe, and sit cross legged, on pillows and bolsters.

Here, you can order food from either The Junk/ Bla bla bla, which i think is good!

His Order : Fish and chips

Mine : Lamb shank which look like a pile of 'something' but tasted really good

This is one of the vday gift i gave Oink.

Wahaha! OK, my handwriting is a bit not pretty. But its hard to write such small letters ok?



Kenny Ng said...

Wishing have a great Valentine's day with your love one :)

13th Panda said...

kenny ng:keke, thanks. u too ya!

Selba said...

Whoaaaaa... so romantic :)

Happy Valentine's Day gal!

Simple American said...

You're so cute. I love the card for your bf.

Happy Valentines Day!!!

13th Panda said...

selba : u too! *hugs*

simple american : keke!Happy Valentines Day to u too!

Redsponge said...

u r very sweet lor!

hee...blame ur handwriting on me! I frightened u when you are doing it!

I am so sorry!

13th Panda said...

redsponge : AHAHAH...but u only frightened me for a few secs handwriting is like all over the coupon bor..HAHA

Winn said...

happy belated v days and happy cny gal!