Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What I have been up to lately


I know i have been in-active here lately. Heeee. But i got good reason for that. Which I will tell you guys at the end of this post. So make sure you read on, and don't cheat by scrolling down first!!

Cosway was having this clearance sale on their old redemption goods. Those that were not redeemed. Thanks for Jaqq's info, I get to buy this big bag for only rm25! Although its not really leather, but it really does look like one. Hiak!

And then my bro's fren came over to Kuching, and I had agreed to bring them to Bako National Park. Bako's water was very nice years ago, but now, its not as blue as before anymore.

These are very easy to be spotted at the Park.

I didn't get tp see this during my last visit. I think its a wild boar. But i remembered the wild boar i saw at other places was darker ler.*shrug*

My bro and his gang. I am not inside though. Cos I was holding the camera.

Jaqq gave me this a few months back. I looked at it and feel a bit long didn't do cross sticth liao ler. nevetheless, I decided to give it a try.

TAAADAAAA!! nice mar? I pricked my fingers a few times when I started this project, now that its done, I am very happy lo

HAHAH! ONE problem though 'x' , I lost the strap, so i went to buy another one, and its too long, and I tink i arranged the strap wrong. 'x'. JAQQ, HELP ME 'x'!!

last Friday, they had Parkson day. And I splurged a little bit at kanebo counter, and got a organiser (highly recommeded by Jackie) as a free gift for my 'genorousity' *ahem*.

Before that, my dressing table looks like this. Ya ya ya, i'm a bit messy 'x'. I don't relly have time to tidy them. Sometimes feel a bit ashamed lo..AHAHA

Now with the organiser, hmm, still not enough for all my stuff ler. I think I need another 1/2 lo!'x'!!!

A closer look at the organiser. ok la, at least now my dressing table is neater, but I predict it will get back to its original state soon 'x'

Ok, bye..that's all for today.

hmm?oh ya! i forgot about telling you the main reason why I am busy.

That's because..






and oh ya, i will be taking 'leave' from blogging a while. I will be back after the wedding K?or if I can find time to blog.

Cya around.


Laura Hii said...

i beat wait till my neck getting longer looo...~~~kekekeek btw congratulation! again. (^_^)

Winn said...

oh congrats !!!!:)

papercrazy said...

Congrats, tahniah, kong si, kong hey

Simple American said...

Oh congratulations! That is such good news. Very exciting.



Very sexciting. So any chance to see pictures when you come back to blogging?

Selba said...

waaah... so it's true that you are getting married! :)

Mmy mom also made a wedding cross-stich from presitgious moments for me. You can check it out:

Pui said...

laura: THANKS!! its not that long, we can still chat via msn, mwhehehe, if i online..AHHAA

winn: Thanks winn!

papercrazy: Thanks!Terima Kasih!Kam sia!

simple american: Yes, i might put up some photos. mwhehe

selba: AHAHA, from whom did u hear 1st from?

VampireM said...

hey, congrats!
no wonder u don blog much lately..

miracle8 said...

Congratulations dear!!! All the best to you and your husband. :D

13th Panda said...

EEE!why my sirname appears instead of 13thpanda for my previous comment?@@


vampirem: Thanks!!!

miracle8: Thanks!! Same goes to you~~*wink*