Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I'm Back!!

....as a mrs now. Still not very use to this new status.


anyway..I'm blogging from a laptop, which has no photoshop lo, real pain in the a$$ to edit the photos. I had to replace my watermark with a simple text.

I bet you guys saw a few day time photos from here & here

I shall put up some of the reception's photos.

The Hall

The Cake..nice rite?but its fake!only a slice was genuine cake for us to feed each other.

The point on the arch

The glass cylinder with 3 roses and floating candles, i kinda like these, only thing is its too short, and someone accidentally kicked it, so we had to move it away after the grand entrance.

The main table centerpiece, with rose petals n floating candles in the middle.

Musical performances by Kenwy Music School

The flowers on the flower stands.

Last but not least, a photo of us...

from the back!


Jgn Marah..


Redsponge said...

red roses inside the glass cylinder is very beautiful.

eh, cant see ur the centerpiece lo. just realise that i din notice it during the dinner too! hmm..

13th Panda said...

u bo xim la u 'x'

Chen said...

congrats and welcome back, Mrs Oink :)

VampireM said...

congrats again, and nice to have you posting blogs again

papercrazy said...

Congrats congrats...welcome to the club

Usual lah about the Mrs thingy....I dun wan people to call me that anyway...:-)

13th Panda said...

chen:THANK! call me panda , i tidak biasa being called mrs. xxx yet..AHHAA

vampirem:THANKS!bila ur turn?

papercrazy:THANKS!!! me also lo, not used to it

Laura Hii said...

oohh congratulations! Mrs. (sorry i dont know what the surname). Finally you blog it. The wedding is Beautiful~~~ hiyaaaa so less photos.

miracle8 said...


Selba said...


Niceeeeee pics... I haven't been visiting your blog for some time, sorry...