Monday, December 31, 2007

My 2007

I think my 2007 is quite colourful, i had both bad and good times.

The Bad Times

(1) Had chicken pox! Imagine the horror and I was so worried it would leave scar on me and I would look ugly on my pre-wedding photo shoot. But 1 week later, when i am back for work, some ppl say I don't look like i had chicken pox. I guess thanks to the vit E oil?I healed pretty fast.

(2) fell sick a few times. ARGH. Hate being sick. Can't eat this, can't eat that. Good thing is I lose weight when i get sick.

(3) Had this weird "temperature-related-allery-thingy" which itches like what! And it happened weeks before my BIG DAY.

The G@.@D Times

(1) Went back to Belaga to visit grandma and relatives there. Had steambot CNY eve dinner with them and got attacked by swarm of flies. NO kidding! don't know where they came from, its abnormal. It was quite funny, relatives, young n old, swinging their arms for the flies to go away 'x'

(2) Had a nice birthday this year.

(3) Got married!

(4) Got a surprise from Oink on xmas eve.hee..

(5) Shopping! well, shopping therapy is good, they make u HAPPY! So i put it in this list. :p

my resolution for the new year?

(1) Have fun!

(2) learn 1/2 new skills

ok that's all for now, i havn't think of what are the rest


HAPPY NEW YEAR!Special Occasions

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