Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A random post

I used to be very busy every weekend this year. There's always things to ponder. Things to plan. Things to complete. Most of these things are for the wedding. It crosses my mind once that what will happen after the wedding. Maybe I shall be bored?Since nothing much left to do. But now that I am married, its not boring at all lo.

How to be bored when you have to do housework?ROFL.I miss my mama, although she always nag me, she is always good at household chores. She can nag while do work 'x'. Multi -tasking.

Before married, everyday i get to eat home cooked breakfast. But now..... LOL. At least we made our own breakfast 3 times a week. I had to bargain this with Mr Oink. Since Mr Oink previously had his breakfast everyday outside. I told him its not really healthy to always eat out. So we made deal to at least have 3 home-cooked breakfast every week lo. Be it bread, eggs, porridge, or even oat (yucks, but i bought one small packet, its good for health ma 'x'.. must try), still better than everyday eat kolo mee/ laksa/ cha kueh tiaw outside.

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Laura Hii said...

You will get used to it. :D still there more for you to found out.