Friday, December 14, 2007

3 Gluttons

Once upon a lunch time, Glutton Jaqq tagged along with Glutton Panda(the least glutton) and Glutton Oink to lunch.

Glutton Oink suggest we go to this new place, a new food court at 4 1/2 mile, which is called Food Avenue.

The place is clean, maybe because its still new. We noticed that there are no repeating stalls. Each is the only one there.

Well, after going through the stalls twice...ehehe

We made up our minds.

Jaqq and I decided to try on the yam rice. Never tried ma, so must try. Not bad. Rm1 each.

We had it with this pork-fishball-kiam cai soup. Rm4

And I ordered an extra plate of roasted pork to go down with the yam rice. EHeheh. yummy and crispy!Rm4

Oink ordered chicken chop. This one ok ok la. The fries are too salty. I tink its Rm8?

We ordered some fruits also. Can't have all meat and no vitamins right! Quite cheap. Rm1 for each type.

Our kiam cai soup was slow. So while Jaqq went back to remind the guy about our soup, she said she smelt something nice. And then she came back with a bag of steamed peanuts!!HAHA!

But not as gluttonous Oink. After the chicken chop, quarter plate of yam rice, roasted pork, fruits, peanuts, he still can eat!

He ordered a bowl of Spicy Noodles. And finished them!@@!

So the glutton award goes to ...... OINK!

I think we went back to work 2 kg heavier.

p/s: the photos quality are not very good because they are taken with my handphone.:-p

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