Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Nothing much happened lately

The streamyx at my new homeSUCKS.

Aside frm the 2 new malls in Kuching. Nothing much was on for me these few wks. I went to the laser tag game with my colleagues and their friends. And it was very fun lo. Good exercise.

FUN! I wanna go again!

And recently, Fish came. My friend bagi me ticket to go. So I went with Oink.

Not bad her singing. Very nice in fact. Its been a looooong time since i've last been to such event. I remembered when I was in high school, I will sometimes go to this what do u call it, concert? I don't tink you call this concert, its a much smaller scale. And that time, ppl would squeeze in to take the best seat.Where they can see their idol. I am usually sandwiched into the squeezing crowd. SIGH. But this time, its not so. I think everything is quite in order.

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zeroimpact said...

I like fish too