Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I had straight hair for a very long time, and it grew n grew till very long. I love it. But one day, i feel like changing my look.'x'!!

I PERMED IT! Its still long though, but much more layered.

I had some colors done as well.

But I have a problem, it doesn't seem to be very curly now. Must be because my hair is too long, its heavy.

I'm missing my rebonded hair a bit. At least it takes less time to care and maintenance was definitely easier.

What do you think?


zeroimpact said...

Wah! Very long leh
I like the straight one, layer with colour also very nice
So plan to keep how long

13th Panda said...

plan to cut it shorter within this year. Cos the end is dry liao becos of the perming

miracle8 said...

Hi 13thpanda
I wrote a post on how to style long curly hair sometime back, you can browse the archives to find out if you want.
Yes, curly hair tend to be a bit dr at the ends- but curls give your hair more bounce. I like your hair colour too.

Selba said...

I LOVE long hair especially the straight one like those straight shiny black hair of japanese/korean girls. So beautiful...

Kenny Ng said...

Reminds me of maggie mee :P

Anonymous said...

Wuah... still so long and heavy..LOL... but nice! very pretty.. and still very pretty... too bad u didn't turn around let me see.. kekeke!It's me...FXX

papercrazy said...


i wanted to perm too but decided to rule out that idea cos I am such a lazy person..straight hair is still maintenance free...

no need to comb even when u r late for work...:-)

13th Panda said...

miracle8: THANKS!i saw ur method liao..but i m la-zy ler..AHAHHA, mayb i shall be more hardworking during CNY

selba: I permed mine :( n coloured it .

kennyng: this maggie mee, u can't eat 'x'

anonymous:thanks!but now not nice anymore :(

papercrazy : i tink i will straiten it back v v soon 'x' but i will have to have the ends cut liao, cos too dry...BOOHOOOHOOO