Saturday, July 29, 2006


TGIF! We have 2 hrs lunch brk on fridays!

SO....... oink and i decided that we can cook for today's lunch. HEHE

Instant Sauce Mix

I had always cooked CREAM pasta...but this time we are a bit lazy. So I bought instant sauce mix..hehe.

Our simple ingredients...minced beef and diced onions.

JENG JENG JENG..the end result

Looks nice or not?LOL! we actually prefered the cream pasta. I let Mango test a bit, she don't like it. She used to lick till finish if i give her the cream pasta i cooked. I guess she don't like the tomato taste.

After lunch, we went to town to kill off my tazmania.

Bye bye Taz.

I had to cancel off my cartoon character credit card before its anniversary. I don't want to pay rm130 for the annual fee. I seldom use it anyway. I find it inconvenient to pay the bills. And i always forget to pay the bill..:-p so bye bye taz..


Wayne said...

i stillcan figure out ur credit card numbers. kekeke

Wayne said...

have 1 question for your bolognese. It should be red but how come it turned up to me cha mee? haha

13th Panda said...

wayne: @@! HOW?!! About the bolognese..hehe, we mixed the spaghetti with the sauce n stirred fry a while (that's wat we saw the cook did at restaurant Beccari)..:-p