Saturday, July 01, 2006

I got an email in Friendster.....

actually there's 2 from the same person.

Notice the title is "repeated"?there's actually an email with the same email but different title sent earlier to my frienster inbox.

So I kepoh kepoh, go view the guy's profile.

MY GOD!44 yrs old liao...I mean i don't mind the age la.. but but i tink he sud find someone more mature lo

But since he say become friends only.Should be ok kua?who knows i got ppl to intro him ler? but i wonder his profile is liable or not?2 masters degrees wor!n he says he has been to 60 countries all over the world...HMM

SO anyone interested?pls leave ur comment here and i'll show u to his friendster's network.LOL


Chen said...

wow.. u trying to matchmake? ;)

13th Panda said...

HAHA...who knows? i might be good at it?:-p