Monday, July 24, 2006

Babaganoush, Pending

We went there for a friend's birthday for lunch last Friday. When i was telling Or2ng3s that i'll be going there, she asked me what food they serve? I told her they serve Baba Nyonya food. Actually i'm not too sure..LOL!! they have chinese, indian, a bit malay all in one. We had butter prawn, stir fried vege, ginger venison, Sea Cucumber Soup and A very Special dish which i would like to intro it here.


This is the nicest dish i had for that Friday's lunch. Its their specialty, its half vege, half tofu. The taste?YUMMY!

*The close up photo of the tofu is taken away cos redsponge said i should cut it instead of biting it. Sekian :-p*


Wilson said...

I went there 4 years back, that time I still remember the Pudding is nice. now dono, plan to revisit the place someday.

Red Sponge said...


but it's really abit yuckie woooo..

next time cut it nicely, k?