Monday, July 17, 2006

Our 1st Anniversary Together

Its been a year. My bf brought me to the beach early in the morning after breakfast. There's a very pleasant surprise waiting for me there. I was indeed very surprised. But I can't reveal it here .YET. HAHA

Its a nice sunny morning

HMM~i like my butt..LOL

He gave me this really really nice bouquet of pink roses. 12 of them..each representing a mth we have been together. I love the rhino..its cute! It even have nostrils for me to poke!:-p

Later in the evening , we went to have Italian Buffet Dinner at Restaurant Beccari. My bf have booked a table there and had especially requested to have our table candle-lit.

My bf lost his hp a few weeks ago. So I decided what better to give as anniversary gift, other than a brand new HP! I remembered him talking about this model last year. So i bought him one.

The front view

The rear view. Nice eh?

I wanted to surprise him with the HP. SO this is what I did. When we were on the road, i asked him to put his belongings into my bag (wallet, HP and keys). Earlier on i had set the HP to ring at 7.30pm. So when it was nearly 730..i told him i wanted some pasta and asked him to go get me one. I tried to take out his sim card from the HP(he's using his dad's 33xx nokia HP for the time being since he lost his HP), but no matter how i tried..i can't open the cover. I am getting very nervous at this point...its almost 730pm. Then i thought of since the HP will only work with SIM card in..i shall use my own SIM card..for 5 mins..i had to pretend talking to him..while my hands goes to work under the table.It was hard i tell u. But i finally manage to put my SIM card in. SO i slip the HP into the HP bag he's using, and put it on the table when he was not looking. 7.28, i gave him a card i have prepared earlier. After that at 730 the HP rang...i aksed him to pick it up..then he open the HP bag..he thought i asked him to help asnwer MY HP (we are using same HP bag) when he saw the HP he @@ (eyes opened very wide) and "EEEE?" I simply said "It's for u..U like it?" He was still @@ asked me when did i buy it? He had a very surprised expression...i should have shoot it with my camera but i want to enjoy every moment..LOL was a memorable day. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY OINK!


Pink Cotton said...



baru one yr meh???feels like so long liao..WAHAHA

Wat hapnd at the beach?!?!!?ISIT WAT I THINK IT IS?!?! OMG OMG OMG *kin teo*

and one more q...HOW COME U CAN TAKE PIC OF UR OWN BUTT?!!?!?

13th Panda said...

AHAHHHAA...mai kin teo...the whole story will reveal soon..but not now..u wait patiently ya

Red Sponge said...

Happy Anniversary to piggy and panda.

tsk tsk tsk...QUICK QUICK TELL WAT HAPPEN! Waiseh! LOL!!!

or2ng3s said...

pink cotton, is what u think same with what i think? I think it should be what we think lor? Anyway, happy anniversary~

wenLi said...

it's soo romantic!!
happy anniversary to 2 of u !!! :D

Frank said...

what a romantic couple.. nice!
btw walao ur bf is so lucky, u gave him an expensive HP eh!!! I wish I'll get one someday too haha!

Selba said...

Whoaaaaa... so sweet!!! :)

Chen said...

happy anniversary to both of u :)

wondering how u take the second picture? auto timer? :D

Wilson said...

happy anniversary to u and ur bf :)
so sweeeeeeet :)

Pink Cotton said...

hahaah orange..i think wat u think is wat i think lo...tsk tsk
when we wanna go shopping??LOL

13th Panda said...

red sponge: u ban ban tan ya~

wenli & selba: TQ! and welcome to my blog!:-)

Frank: Ya..he's lucky to have me..AHHAHA..

Chen: Actually the surprise includes a few of my bf's friends, and one of them takes photos for us.:-)

Wilson: Thanks Wilson!

pink cotton: *wink*

Anonymous said...

Wow, so nice. Buy HP wor. I want ^_^

Happy Anniversary ! Dont't forget to reveal what happen.

*Cute Girl*

Anonymous said...

WOw.... sorry i was a bit late to wish you... anyway... rather than no
wish la hor.. HapPy Anniversary ~~~

hehe... erm.. how come at the beach there only one pic hor...

*****HaPpY *** AnNiVeRsaRy *****
******To ******
********OINK OINK **********
***** -&- ***********
*******13th Panda ***********

just from me,