Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Toilet paper chit chat

This is too funny not to share. So I decided to blog it.

One fine day. I chatted with RedSponge.  You see, we have moved office. Each to a different one. *sob* And both of our new office *drum rolls* ...wait for it...wait for it....has NO toilet paper in any toilets. Yup, you have to request for it (by roll). Yup. You can laugh at us now. What era already, even toilet paper also need to request! By roll somemore!


Toilet Roll now is luxurious commodity to us. Must use it wisely.
Since its so troublesome to request for a single roll of toilet paper (we have to login into the system etc) I decided to just bring my own.
So below was our conversation through gtalk. It was not the exact words as it happened sometiome ago, but its close enough.

me : I brought 3 rolls of toilet paper. Must jimat-jimat use.

spongie : I already counted, I need 5 squares of toilet paper to shee-shee.

me : what, why so little? I need 7 pcs. 5 to cover the toilet seat and 2 to wipe *ahem* 'x'

spongie : so waste! my toilet is squat type.

me : oh. Then how much you need for big business?

spongie : ummm.. I think 23 pcs.

me: walao eh, need so much meh?

spongie: u ler?

me: I not yet got chance to PS here (just moved) 'x' But today I got some feeling. (ROFL). Let me mentally 
count now and see enough not.

5 mins later...

me : ok, I only need 15. 6 to cover the toilet seat. The rest you know what happen 'x' how can you use up to 23??

spongie : I think I remembered wrongly. Let me count again. Ok, I only need XX pcs ( I forgot how many..LOL, less than 23 pcs). In fact, I found that 3 pcs is enough if I pee at the squat type toilet.

me : If you PS at squat type toilet, you can save alot toilet papers.

spongie : cannot...I cannot tahan squat so long. LOL

me : oh ya, i forgot you always constipate.


me : LOL

Well. That's about it. I hope I didn't miss out anything. LOL. This conversation is so memorable, it deserved to be blogged 'x'. Hope you enjoyed it


gabbie ngo said...

she not only constipate..also pangsai during lunch time one

13thpanda said...


Anonymous said...

I didn't request from system, I steal it from SNT, sssssshhhhhhhhh......