Monday, January 28, 2013

The Accident

Date : 18 Jan 2013, Friday (not even friday the 13th, don't know why I am so suei...malang betullll)

Time : Around 2.30 pm (On the way to customer's site)

Location : According to the google map I was shown at the police station, its somewhere at Jalan Abdul Rahman, just before the roundabout.

Weather & Traffic condition : Jam at the city, and fairly smooth traffic after the toll. And it was raining non-stop.

And the million-dollar-question-of-the-day is HOW DID IT HAPPEN? I think I've been asked about this like a million times 'x' Until I am quite fed up, I put up on my gtalk status that I DO NOT WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT ANY MORE. But then why do I blog it now?

Yes I want to forget the horrible incident, but would also want to remember it so as a reminder to drive safe. I want to learn from the incident so that it will NEVER happen again. I want to face it, learn from it then move on with life. All in all, I am VERY THANKFUL to god that I am still alive and be able to go home to my dear family. I hugged my Tomato hard and tight when I saw her.

Ok, back to the story. How did it happen? I have been playing it many times in my head. I am almost at where I am suppose to be. It was still raining, and I was driving in the right (fast) lane. And there's huge trees lined up in the divider. So technically speaking, I was driving in the right lane, under the trees while its raining.
I guess from quite far I can see a while Toyota in front of me already. So when I got a bit nearer, I started to break, but the car didn't stop, it felt like I had stepped on a banana peel. And it happen so fast, before I know it, I am ramming into the Toyota's back. And my chest hit the steering wheel :( It was so painful, I thought I am hurt seriously somewhere. But luckily I didn't.

Immediately I called Oink. The driver, a malay came up after some time and asked me why I knocked his car 'x'

I didn't really look at what model of Toyota he was driving but I was later told its a Toyota Mark X. That explains a lot cos after a while, a big gold Rolls Royce/ Or was it Jaguar?  (I am not very into cars) came to pick up the young son away. I felt terribly guilty to see the kid, OMG! luckily he was ok because he put on seat belt! I kept apologising to the driver and his pretty wife and kept asking how is the kid. Thank god they are friendly, nice, civilised people who didn't scold/ yell at me. They say if I knocked into a Chinese's car, sure kenak tiam tiam 'x'. Frankly speaking, the guilt I felt outweighed the pain I felt. :(

I learned a lot through the horrifying experience. I learned from own account that LIFE IS SHORT. LIFE IS PRECIOUS. Because life is short, I am thinking of doing some major decisions in my life which I haven't really decided yet. Because life is short, I show my appreciation towards my family more.

And I learned the importance of SEAT BELT. All of us, me and the people in the car  I knocked into had their seat belts on. I don't know what will I do if something happened to that kid in the car. I don't want to think about it.

Now that this is out of my chest, I would like to take this opportunity to also remind all of you to drive SAFE especially during the monsoon season. Better be SAFE and SLOW than SORRY.  And! Don't forget those seat belts. Wear them once you get into your car even if you are only driving to nearby shops.

Ok, before I stop, HAPPY CNY EVERYONE! And please drive safely during this festive season.


anonymous said...

Hi, glad that you are okay. I think it may have something to do with the brakes as well, if your car isn't equipped with Anti-Locks Brakes (ABS), on slippery surface, it will skid if you do sudden brakes. Basically, just keep distances and drive a little slower on rainy days I suppose.

anonmous said...

'They say if I knocked into a Chinese's car, sure kenak tiam tiam 'x'.'
It goes to suggest that Chinese are not very easy people to deal with in this society..hmm.. In my opinion, they are generally very calculative and quite selfish. I'm Chinese too.

13thpanda said...

BUAHAHA! I AM CHINESE TOO! No, my wukui is only a Viva, ABS....hmm, should I change my ride?'x'

Last time Oink knocked into someone, a CHINESE passerby punched him in the head ler! Imagine! Just a passerby! What is wrong with the society nowadays...tsk3

Anonymous said...

Well, a better ride if you can afford, but nothing beats driving a little more cautiously and keeping distances. Sounds a little classic eh.

Oh dear, that's terrible. I guess our society is getting more violent now. Whatever it is, I think we must still be a little more civilized.