Saturday, May 19, 2007

Things to do when you are confined at home due to Chicken Pox

(1) Watch Anime/ Series/ Cartoon/ APA-APA Saje

I have finished watching Inuyasha liao. HAHA. At least it distracted me most of the time from the horrible itchiness.

(2) Online Surfing/ Shopping/ Play PC Game

I did my first online shopping the other day. I bought clothes online. Well, I need some pampering ok? Besides, I like what I see, so I buy. Muahaha. But i have to bid farewell to 100++ SGD, which is like RM200++. I saw another item i liked today, but i made some excuses to myself so that i won't spend more. MUST. STOP.LOOKING.AT.THE.NICE.CLOTHES.

(3) Jigsaw Puzzle

Mum and I did this, these few nights. 1000 pieces of them. Phew.

But it had a "flaw" in it. Can u spot it?


Here it is. A part of that piece is bitten off by Mango. Thus leaving a hole on it.

(4) Count the blisters u have on ur body (kidding!!)

I didn't count anyway. HEE.

(5) Torturing yourself by thinking of all the glorious food you can't have for one month

Oh, how i miss Taugeh Mee, Butter Prawn, Crab, Laksa..etc..but I just can't have them for one month. Well, to get my smooth skin back, it should be worth the wait.

After one month, I shall treat myself with all these glorious wonderful food.



Selba said...

Wah.. you dare to buy clothes online? without trying?

1000 pieces of jigsaw puzzle!!! Wow.. that must be really fun!!! :D

13th Panda said...

selba: I bought them on impulse...*gulp* Besides they got put down the measurements, i should be able to fit..somemore they are NEW, not those 2nd hand ones

Redsponge said...

see you tomolo!

zeroimpact said...

Wah, I like puzzle, I still have one 1000 piece not done yet, lazy I guess
I must try buying clothes online
Heh heh heh
I can't remember at all what I did when I was down with the kai pox

Chen said...

u didn't include in playing with Mango as one of the things to do? :)

Simple American said...
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Simple American said...

You poor dearr. Hope you get better soon.

Man. I would be playing some major World of Warcraft. muahahahaha

13th Panda said...

redsponge: :-)

zeroimpact:must b rajin sikit~

chen: I did play with her a bit..but most of the time she piggy zzz there ler

SA:HMM~ i should try warcraft too :-D