Friday, May 11, 2007


I think my body is punishing me. :-( For watching Inuyasha till late at night these few days. I am down with slight fever. Body feels a bit aching. And my tastebud went nuts. All the food i tasted was bland, n the pizza hut spicy wing i tasted was salty instead. hmm, u guys probably feel like scolding me liao, cos I am sick, still went to pizza hut eat. Well, i didn't feel like eating porridge ma. :-p

oh, i better rest more now. I still want to taste good food ler. I hate being sick.


Laura Hii said...

ohh dear get well soon! why recently a lot ppl got sick???

Winn said...

drink lots of water.....

happy mother's day to auntie!!:P

take care ya babe