Wednesday, May 02, 2007

WE are PRO!
When we asked the lady about the tandem bike, she gave us a are-u-sure look.

"U expert kah?" the lady asked

"Why?very difficult to ride ah?"

lady pouts and say "ya" softly.

I was a bit ciken-ing out from the idea, but THE man say lets give it a try. He said "Never try never know mah"..LOL

He got on it first. I was still a bit scared. Keep telling him to make sure its stable.

When i was ready, i got on it, make sure i had a firm grip.




and off we go, a bit shaky at 1st, but it went on smoothly afterwards.


If the lady says only experts can ride it, we are like super PRO ok?LOL

and we rode like 6kms!

We made quite an attraction at Sematan Town. Hmm~ i guess the tandem bike is a rare scene. We got ppl asking us is it difficult to ride it. And kampung kids that yelled "LUMBA(race)!LUMBA!"

legs was sore, but it was a satisfying experience.

I will always remember this...



psy00060 said...

Wow... what a good experience, huh! Owest wanted to try on the bicycle with two seats.. hehe...

zeroimpact said...

I want to ride on one too
So next time you can teach me lo

kyh said...

wahhhhhh! where did u get this kinda bike?

and where's the gip for the seat behind? or did u cling on to the person's waist in front?

kyh said...

i mean *grip*

Simple American said...

That is difficult. Have done before. Glad you made a good time of it. :)

Chen said...

u r indeed pro :)
summore ride for such a long distance, the freaking 6 km !!!

nyonyapenang said...

never rode that before. sounds like fun though. :)

13th Panda said...

psy: its fun i tell u!try it if got chance..dun think u will fall, then u wont fall

zeroimpact:can can!

kyh: U can rent it at Palm Beach, Sematan. There's a grip near the front seat. Just make sure whoever sits in front doesn't have too big of a butt..LOL

chen: MUahaha, actually hor, after that experience, its like 6km is not very far at all

nyonyapenang : U should try! :-)