Thursday, April 26, 2007

WOOT...Daulat Tuanku

Thanks to our new King, we had public holiday yesterday. SO HAPPY! But then not all company had off day yesterday. But i'm sure glad our's did...WAHAHHA

I needed to do something that can cheer any normal lady up. I had to take THE SHOPPING THERAPY! mwehehehe

I was hunting for a new Handphone. No need a high end one. Just a normal one with fm radio, can play mp3, got camera..still surveying, so didn't buy any yet..(any recommendation?)

I wanted a sunglass for a long2 time now. So we headed to star optics near to King Centre.

Its hard to find any sunglass that suits me last time. But lucky thing big sunglasses are IN now. They fit me nicely. Can hide my panda eyes. :-)

I love it!

The frame had 2 choices of color, black(normal) or the nice shade of green that I bought.
A part of the rims are made from sea shells. NICE.

The thing is i never heard of the brand. TWINS. @@.

I only surfed the net for the details after I bought it. ROFL. I am not a person who go for branded stuff. But I paid quite a sum of money for it, must know its worthed or not bah..

And I found this: <- so here's where the name came from

780元!so $$! I bought mine cheaper..LOL (cos got bargain for it ma)

So happy with my purchase. Keep wearing it in the car although its almost evening already.:-> sun also almost set liao..

Then we went to parkson. And saw this...

A musical jewellry box. And the music is not the usual "fur elise" ok. Sayang no other color. But its nice enuf for me.

Now my earrings have a proper "home" ..HAHA . Except for the peacock's feather earrings, too long. Hmm, have to keep it somewhere else then..

After that is MAKAN time!

Went to Koreana again.

This time we tried something different. :-) See those pork rolls?look like strawberry ice cream hor?LOL

MMM, looks nice?it smells nice too...

So u grill the pork slices on this hot plate right..

then u dip a slice or 2 in the sauces
take some of these..
and arrange all of them nicely on a piece of salad leaf, wrapped it nicely & try to put the whole thing into ur mouth..KEKE.. or risk having the sauce stain ur clothes, like wat happened to me :-(

We didn't manage to wrap them nicely, hence no photo of how it looks like after u wrapped them here.. :-p

The taste?quite nice...its very fun to cook ourselves and eat..

AHHH, what a satisfying day~

but all these eating..MUST exercise more lah! HAHA


Laura Hii said...
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Laura Hii said...

You must be so happy since you got long weekends! WAAA the korean food looks so yummy! I cant wait to go back to kuching. You make me mouth watering.

sILv3r BelLs said...

Nice sun glasses.... If not mistaken the Star Optic is my cousin's shop ler... HEHE...

Nice food!!yummy!!Make me feel like going to koreana again!

Kenny Ng said...

Wah... u got holiday n had so much fun, I was in office working leh

13th Panda said...

laura:ya! happy! still got 2 more holidays!woohoo

bells: ya. I heard ur sis mentioned about it b4.keke

kenny ng:muahaha, jgn jeles.

psy00060 said...

wow... it's so blessed of you guys to have those kinf of nice food in kch!

Simple American said...

Happy Birthday to your king. Happy shopping to you. :)

I need a lot of exercise too. A whole lot!

kyh said...

wah shopping queen ah u!

and the food looks damn delicious!!!

btw, wat is ur budget for the hp? i can recommend u, cos i've done plenty of research last time when i bought mine. need external memory slot or not one? got any requirements pls list down...

and thx for dropping by my blog! ;)

13th Panda said...

psy00060: :-)

SA:lets exercise!

KYH: *blush* I only shop alot when got mood *blush* my hp ah?simple2 du ho lo, got camera la, can listen to radio, can play mp3...