Sunday, April 15, 2007


another project time! This time we decided to experiment around a bit and cooked baked lamb chop with baked potatos and carrots.

The outcome?



We marinated the lamb quite well I tink. Its very aromatic and tasty. We baked the potato and carrots with some salt n pepper and mixed herbs, and it came out tender n aromatic n not to mention, divine-ly yummy..I love the potato.It went really well with the lamb..

Oink ate till the plate was super clean, only leaving the bones behind.:-D!

*happy* we are definitely going to do this project again in the future!

We went to visit Issac last nite and had dinner there. HEE, he is still tiny.
After that we went for dessert at Igloo.
He ordered Peanut Ice with Chocolate topping.

Nice, but not as nice as what I had. WAHAHHA

I had Green Tea Ice with Red Bean. Love it! I am a fan of red bean. Always ordered "Ang Tau Peng" instead of ice kacang, ABC, etc.

MMM, we nice nice food today. :-)


zeroimpact said...

One lamb with patotoes and no carrot please
Dessert, I want Ang tau peng
Very delicious looking.

13th Panda said...

zeroimpact: Coming right up

*pass zeroimpact hot piping baked lamb with potatoes (with no carrots)*


but i dunno how 2 make ang tau peng..LOL

Selba said...


I want that green tea ice cream!!!

papercrazy said...

yr green tea ang tau....

why got something that look like cabbage wan?? LOL

Platinum_girl said...

Woo panda. Come to my house and cook for me. I provide the materials ... hehe

May said...

ooooh, lamb chops! my favourite. I actually like lamb more than beef, sometimes. maybe I'll go for choppies tomorrow... *grin*

zeroimpact said...

Very delicious
No problem, we go out for the ang tau peng
My treat ah

13th Panda said...

selba: yummy yummy~i want more too!

papercrazy: @@, where got? that's layers of ice i tink

platinum_girl: OK!how much gaji will u pay me 1st?LOL

may:me too!i prefer lamb to beef *high 5*

zeroimpact:OK!must tell me b4 u want to go..LOL

Simple American said...

So much good food.


Nose clonked my monitor. :(