Tuesday, April 24, 2007


This is what in my mind now. I'm not really sure at first about having this post up. But I tink its better for me to let it out..will feel better..

Unpleasant thoughts..

Depressing thoughts


all these thoughts make me a bit grumpy...


Its like the longer i worked at my company, the more work i have, changes to amend, things to follow up, customer's needs to fulfill..bla bla bla..

I actually like my work place, i met some wonderful friends there, only the stress is holding me down, the piles of work, BLECH!

certainly there's more to life than just this?

being really pessimistic lately....not healthy hor?

I hope the long holiday ahead will make me feel better...

haha, as for now, i feel a wee bit better already, cos someone tapao-ed BBQ Chicken Wings for me...

TATA, wanna go eat liao..


Redsponge said...

uh oh, stress ya?

Ya, longgggg holiday should help!

I hope u get over it soon!

Remember the picture, sun rise or sun set, it's depend on u! ^_^

Simple American said...

Eat and make plans for holidays. That ought to make you happy one! :)

zeroimpact said...

I think I seent the picture too
Anyway, take care ya
It's all in the mind of how we want things to be
Think positive and I'm sure all this will be gone by now
Wish you have a great week ahead and good holiday

Selba said...

Waaahhh.... sounds pretty much like me!!! LOL

Yeah... a long holiday might help but make sure not to think how much $$$ has been spent!!!! :D

Laura Hii said...

takecare and dont stress up. Hope u will enjoy the holidays.

13th Panda said...

redsponge: HAHA, ok , i will try see more sunrise..

simple american: I already have plan! *happy*

zeroimpact:Thanks, i will try harder to b optimistic

selba:LOL!!nevermind ma, shopping therapy can make me happier bor..so need $$$..LOL

Laura: thanks, i will :-)