Tuesday, April 03, 2007

My 1st attempt

For over 20 years, i have been avoiding this.No matter how others keep saying that its good. I shied away from it.

I had been very skeptical of it.

But seem like i can't run away from fate, from destiny.

It had to come to me, screaming for me to try it..demanding that i should give it a try...tempting me...

i will feel bad if i let this chance slip again away like that...so i told myself, heck..just give it a try..who knows?mayb it will be good?


Authentic Hakka Dish

Hakka will have this on the 7th day of CNY. They will cook 7 different vegetable dishes. Take a bit of them all into a bowl, pour in the "tea-soup-thingy" and tralalala, u will have lui cha!

I had miss out the ones made by grandma, and she's gone now. Lucky my aunt made it that day on tomb's day(chinese all souls day). Its never too late right? All those vege she used was planted by herself! She told me she cooked lui cha once everyweek. My cousin had a really big bowl of lui cha, triple of wat i had!

And boy!its really nice bor

not bitter. her's was the less bitter version. I kept saying its yummy, that my MUM, who had never ever cooked any lui cha in her life cos she don't like it also before this, copied the recipe from my aunt! What about that?!!WAHHAHA

For ur information, mum cooked lui cha today. Not too bad for a 1st timer...MMM~all these goodness, vege is gd for health too!

Talking about this. A close fren of mine, Jaqq told me a very funny story about lui cha. She was at Singapore, i tink last year. And she saw this stall selling "Thunder Tea Rice". And she was thinking wah, must b some special dish lo, so she head for the stall lo.

Only to see it was Lui Cha!hahaha... got "lui" in hakka means Thunder and "cha" means tea in hakka.LOL..

mmm, i like lui cha now, the less bitter ones of course. :-p

bells was telling me her house's lui cha the "tea-soup" was clear brown color, mine also clear brown color, but rs's was greenish, and some shops also greenish..

But i guess its all quite the same right?


Oh ya! i was quite busy lately. Had a 3 day seminar. The 1st day was quite boring as they are talking about stuff I already know.

so me and oink doodled on a piece on paper. I added this, he added that, and this came up!

actually hor, he only doodled the "sotong" (octopus) , the rest are my materpieces..my creative work of art. WAHHAA

hmm, i tink rs is in there. Or mayb its just spongebob.

Luckily i saw something that catches my eye. An eye candy!

Isn't he cute?he's too young for me though. Just 20. i think my camera likes him too, see how only he is clear n the surroundings was blur?He was actually moving around on the stage.


Simple American said...

How come you don't like that lui cha? It looks yummy to me.

What was the seminar about? Fish? Sotong? Sponge Bob?

Psst. You draw better.

Laura Hii said...

lui cha,..i haven't try it b4, when i`m back remember to chia me arrrr... ohya i properly around aug-sept will back to malaysia this year.

sorry girl, i keep forgot your blog address that y. hey, welcome to my blog too. ;D

Pink Cotton said...

HAHAHAHAHA..lui cha!

hwo come i don see any green soup in ur lui cha..hmm

ok now u r certified HAKKA *chop*

wat seminar is that???Wooooo...leng zhaiiii O_O

or2ng3s said...

oh finally u ate lui cha!!!
hehe got eye candy not bad la... ur leave not so wasted la.

VampireM said...

:p the sotong only 5 legs

13th Panda said...

SA: I thought it was bitter ma.HAHA..it was actually a Global Internet Summit Seminar, not about sea life..LOL...thanks for ur compliment, i always knew i m more creative than him

Laura: Ok! u come back to Kuching ker?Or u go back to sibu?was it sibu?

PC:Its different one, mine is like bells one, with tea coloured soup.

Oren:ya, at least i saw an eye candy.LOL.

vampirem: its a "special" sotong that only needed 5 legs instead of 6.LOL

sILv3r BelLs said...

Panda, you have another choice of food... HEHE.
have a try at green road one.

Redsponge said...

mwhehehe...ok...regarding the colour of the lui cha soup, i think we have green because we din put tea leaf?!!! hee..not sure! ;p

yaya...i spot the spongebob!

and and and..ur camera hiao ;p

zara's mama said...

I like lui cha!! bitter or not!

Wow.. how come got effects of the shot of the good looking guy?

Every one blur, but he stands out.

13th Panda said...

bells: ya, will go try one day.soon mayb..keke

redsponge: i am not sure also ler. But its yummy lo..:-))

zara' mama:The ones i had not bitter lo, yummy~ the guy stands out cos like wat redsponge said, my camera hiao ma..LOL..no la, actually is I got good phototaking skill 'x'!!