Sunday, October 21, 2012

Aunty Angela Sarawak Laksa @ Green Heights Mall

My SIL has been raving about a certain Aunty Angie's laksa at The Pan Tree @ Green Heights mall.

Having exhausted the ideas of where to have breakfast on my last day as 20 something , I decided we should go try it out.

We arrived to find the place quite deserted. 'X'. Were very sceptical  whether is it as nice as SIL claims to be. We went ahead and order the laksa anyway. Regular ones for each of us. RM 5 each. I think they are having promotion?The usual price should be RM6 for regular sized laksa?

Looks GOOD? First sip of the broth, Oink said its curry-ish. But after adding the limau juice in, it's GOOD. The prawns are FRESH. Beehoon and prawns are done to the right Q-ness. YUMSS

Oink was not very full after having the laksa. So he went ordering Chicken and Mushroom handmade noodle from the stall just opposite Aunty Angela's.

Doesn't look very interesting. RM 4 (also under promotion).  But it tasted GOOD. I like it. The Chicken and mushroom was tasty.

Food here IS pricier compared to kopitiams. But its clean and cooler and has less ppl (not good for their business but good news for us who don't like to fight for a table (and most of the time not clean) at popular kopitiams.

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