Thursday, July 18, 2013

Chickens and Eagles

Just weeks ago, our company attended a seminar with a renowned speaker who came to motivate us.

I went expecting to feel sleepy, but he is an interesting man. And funny too.  I need to leave half way though, to pick up Tomato.

My colleague didn't attend. So when we met, I shared with him some of the things I find interesting and still remember. One of it is the speaker say we should be an eagle, not a chicken. Chicken always do what others do, while eagle soar successfully high in the sky, preying alone, working independently.

So after that, we keep metaphorically relate our situation to the topic.

We talked about how we are chickens, everyday do same thing, and get chicken feed as salary  'x'!! AHAHAHAHAHA

Then we talked about a project where some staff will be required to be attached to the site, far away from home and family. And I commended how pitiful it will be. He said, chickens are meant to be slaughtered when needed. AHHAHAHAAHAHAH

And then, I mentioned how guys in IT field have thinner hair 'x' He said, its ok, since chickens need to have all their feathers plucked before being slaughtered anyway. 'x'!!! AHAHAHAHHAH

Got once, he suddenly appear without me realising and I was slightly shocked. So I scolded him, don't walk so silently like a cat, he said where got? I walk like a chicken. AHHHHHHHHHHH But then chicken is not quiet ler, they keep kok kok kok  kok kok kok...AHHAHAHAHH


Pazuzu said...

eagles.. hhmm.. david goh kah?

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13thpanda said...

Dear Pazuzu, I don't know any David Goh 'x'